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    Elite Primary Care Group offers both pre-employment and sports physical exams. These exams are an essential step in both your job and sports career. These exams can be conducted annual, during a regular wellness exam with your primary care doctor, or as a separate examination.

    At Elite Primary Care Group, staff have the experience and professionalism to ensure you are receiving the proper care. We accept patients in both the Frederick, Maryland area and surrounding areas. Contact us to get scheduled for the exam you are needing. 

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    Learn more about our different types of physical exams below!

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    Employment physical exams at elite primary care group

    Many employers require a physical exam prior to employment, to be sure that you meet the requirements needed when enduring physically demanding tasks on the job. Additionally, we offer physical exams required to play sports, at any level, from the elementary school level to the professional level. 

    You will feel comfortable knowing that your primary care provider has the expertise to complete these required physical exams, ensuring your success in the future. At Elite Primary Care group, we can also begin a treatment plan, if a diagnosis is discovered during your physical exam. 

    Pre-Employment exams are general exams used to evaluate a person’s physical fitness and determine if he is fit to perform the job duties he was hired to complete. Typically, a pre-employment physical exam is completed once, during the pre-employment process, but sometimes, your employer may require a physical exam on a yearly basis. Your primary care physician can complete your pre-employment physical exam, which may make it easier for you to keep record of your results. 

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    What is a pre-Employment physical exam & why do i need it?

    During a pre-employment physical exam, your vitals are often taken. The examiner will record your height, weight, pulse, blood pressure, and temperature. In addition to these vitals being taken, your vision, hearing, and reflexes may also be tested. Depending on the employer’s request, your cardiovascular and respiratory health may be tested as well.

    During your pre-employment physical exam, the doctor may also perform an assessment, asking questions about how you handle stress and any recent mood or behavioral changes. 

    A physical ability and stamina test may also be conducted as part of the pre-employment exam, depending on if the job requires frequent and heavy lifting. The test will illustrate a potential employee’s physical ability and whether they can withstand the rigorous demands of the position. The physical ability and stamina test will determine the most qualified candidate with the least amount of liability. These specific tests will evaluate flexibility, muscular tension, balance, and mental state under physical stress.

    The way a potential employee should prepare for a pre-employment physical exam is to gather all necessary paperwork from the employer, creating a list of health history, and ensuring valid identification is ready for the appointment. 

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    SPORTS physical exams at elite primary care group

    A sports physical exam is important because it helps to find out about and treat any health issues that may inhibit you from participating in a sport. A doctor may even be able to provide tips for training and how to avoid injuries. Information on effective stretching and strengthening activities to prevent injuries may be provided as well.  

    So, you have just been told that you need a sports physical exam. But what is it?  This exam can be sometimes referred to as the preparticipation physical examination (PPE).

    Completing this exam will ensure that it is safe for you to participate in a particular sport. Some states require that children and teens complete a physical prior to participating in a new sport, at the very least. But they may be required to complete a physical before each season. Doctors recommend that a physical be completed before starting a sport. 

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    What is a SPORTS physical exam & why do i need it?

    The sports physical exam is composed of two parts: reviewing medical history and the actual exam. Some items covered in the medical history portion of the appointment include reviewing family history and previous illnesses you have had, previous hospitalizations, surgeries, and injuries, allergies, and any current medications. The examiner may also discuss specific instances related to exercise, such as if you’ve ever had chest pain, trouble breathing, felt dizzy, or passed out during physical activity. 

    At times, the medical history will be completed prior to the physical exam appointment. Forms will be provided to complete this portion of the exam, which gives you a chance to be accurate with family history and take the time to carefully answer the questions. 

    After the medical history portion is completed, the physical exam is likely already scheduled and can be scheduled with your primary care provider. During the exam the doctor will check your vitals, recording height and weight, blood pressure, and hear rate. A vision test is typically conducted as well as examining your ears, nose, and throat. An assessment of your strength and flexibility will be completed. The doctor will also evaluate your joints and posture during the exam. Additionally, your posture and joints will also be assessed. 

    During the sports physical exam, the doctor may ask questions related to substance use, performance enhancing supplements, dietary supplements, included weight-loss supplements, due to these affecting a person's health.

    When the exam is complete, the doctor will typically sign a form indicating that you are approved to play the sport or may suggest having a follow-up exam and additional tests before clearing you to participate. 

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