• Direct Primary Care

    Direct Primary Care

    Enjoy a flat, recurring membership fee instead of billing insurance!

    About Direct Primary Care

    As health insurance gets increasingly confusing, expensive, and frustrating, new models of care are rising. Patients without health insurance, or those fed up with paying skyrocketing monthly premiums, are turning to direct primary care as an option to afford basic medical care.

    Direct primary care (DPC) is a financial arrangement made directly between a patient and healthcare provider. It cuts the insurance providers out of the process, erasing the need for patients and providers alike to file health insurance claims. 

    Patients who use direct primary care don’t pay monthly health insurance premiums or copays. Instead, they pay their healthcare provider a monthly fee. DPC puts us and our patients in charge of healthcare decisions by removing insurance from the doctor-patient relationship. It allows us to make high-quality primary care accessible for the uninsured and under-insured members of our community.

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    Do you need insurance for our DPC services?

    No, not for the ~80% of annual healthcare needs covered by primary and preventative care. Patients should carry health insurance for protection against big expenses from unpredictable major medical events, like surgeries, cancer, car accidents, etc.

    We recommend pairing a DPC membership with a high-deductible health plan or a medical cost sharing product.

    Pricing, Memberships, and Services of Direct Primary Care

    Services Included in Direct Primary Care:

    • Annual Physical Exam
    • Annual Bloodwork
    • 10 Sick/Telemedicine Visits Annually
    • Unlimited Phone Call Encounters
    • Annual Flu Shot
    • Care Coordination with Specialists
    • Cost Efficient Medication Purchase available in office
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    dPC Membership Fees: 

    • 50 & Under: $50 per month
    • Age 51-61: $60 per month
    • Age 61-71: $70 per month
    • Age 72+: $80 per month

    Do you have questions about our Direct Primary Care options? Feel free to contact us today!